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GCVM Volunteers & Contributors


Since its creation in 1988 the GCVM has been served by volunteers. Men and women in this community, veteran and non-veteran alike, have contributed countless hours of their time to make this Memorial a reality. Over the years, many have volunteered to assist in different ways. Those contributions are acknowledged and recognized even though we cannot name all who gave something to the cause. Others served as officers and trustees of the GCVM, which we acknowledge and to whom we offer thanks (in alphabetical order): Frank Aleksandrowicz, Martin J. Bar, Joseph Barron, Dell Beekman, Jr.*, Harriet M. Beekman*, Virginia Benson, Charla Billy, Robert L. Bloom, Robert A. Camburn*, Donald A. Campbell, Cynthia Campbell, John Campbell, James Ciara, Phillip A. Cooney, James Daley, Richard W. Danielson*, Mark DeMarino, Robert S. Easley, William L. Eason, Sean E. Ennis*, William C. Ferguson, Fred R. Fox, Jr., Patricia Giles, Dan E. Hogan, Tom J. Horvath, Michael E. Jackson, Ronald E. Kimmel, Karl J. Koch*, John C. Kovach, Mathew Lobas, James D. Markham, Patrick M. McLaughlin*, Judge Timothy McMonagle, Joseph P. Meissner*, Kenneth P. Milenovic, Judge Donald C. Nugent, Richard Oehlstrom*, Chester R. Ostrowski, Ronald J. Paciorek, James D. Quisenberry*, Roman Rakowsky, Dick Readinger, Jr., Larry Rieck, Edwin M. Robins, Rimantas 'Ray' Saikus, Robert Schumacher, Kenneth G. Schutt, Margaret Stano, Ronald J. Seman, Willard Shepard, John A. Smerillo, Ben S. Stefanski II, Frank Tesch, George N. Vourlojianis, Klaus Williams, and Dietz H. Ziechmann.

(* indicates GCVM officer at the occasion of the 2004 Rededication)

In addition to officers, trustees, and volunteers this long endeavor has been aided by others who have contributed significantly to our progress. We offer our gratitude to our advisors and Capital Campaign fundraisers, many of whom are veterans (in alphabetical order): Richard J. Ambrose, E. John Brzytwa, Barton D. Buechner, Carter R. Dodge, Gil Goldberg, Robert Haas, James B. Jerele, Thomas S. Kilbane, Frank E. King, William J. Kopp, Michael Marcellino, Edwin A. Moore, John Pallam, John S. Perry, John S. Pyle, Donald L. Stallard, Edward Sunyak, Marion (Gene) Talley, Hilary S. Taylor, Frank J. Valenta, and Robert J. Valerian.

Special recognition and heartfelt thanks go to Anthony J. Poderis, Rolf Nord Kriken, Theodore E. Kurz, and Hunter Morrison for their unique guidance, expertise and contributions.

Lastly, we express our personal acknowledgment and appreciation to the late Marshall Fredericks who warmly welcomed and encouraged the GCVM in this mission. Like his monumental central Figure, he too was larger than life.


Our mission could not be accomplished without the financial support of so many Greater Cleveland entities and individuals. Greater Cleveland did not let its war veterans down. The community responded with large and small donations, both monetary and in-kind contributions, without which this living memorial and the addition of the 1,361 names to the Memorial Fountain in 2004, would not have been possible. We recognize and thank the donors for their generosity and willingness to honor Greater Cleveland's war casualties: The George Gund Foundation; Cuyahoga County; Fred Lennon Charitable Trust; Cleveland Foundation; Ohio Arts Council; Nestlé-Stouffers; The Abington Foundation; The Andrews Foundation; The Murch Foundation; TRW Foundation; S. K. Wellman Foundation; Ed Lozick; Sherwin Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Breen; Christine & Patrick McLaughlin; Edgewater VFW Post 387, West Shore Chapter #249, VVA; Centerior Energy Foundation (CEI); The Fox Foundation; Cleveland Browns; Dick and Kim Rose; Brush Wellman; Huntington National Bank; The Myers Foundation; The Carney Foundation; McLaughlin Law, LLP; Cleveland Grays; Merrill Lynch; Anonymous; AmVets Post #80; Cuyahoga County Mayors' Secretaries Assoc.; MK Ferguson; American Legion, Firefighter's Post 339; American Ex-Prisoners of War, Barbed Wire Buckeye Chapter; Arter & Hadden; Polish Legion of American Veterans, U.S.A.; Richard Green; Thomas McDonald; Margaret Stano; Ben S. Stefanski, II; Dengensha America Corp.; Goodtime Cruise Line, Inc.; VVA Greater Cleveland Chapter 15; VFW Post 1082; 82nd Airborne Division Association; and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 738, Fairview Park. We have also received contributions of smaller dollar amounts from multiple donors and we offer our thanks and admiration to each of those donors.

In addition to monetary contributions we have received in-kind services from the following which have meant so much to the GCVM over the years of this special project: McLaughlin Law, LLP; Legal Aid Society of Cleveland; Anthony J. Poderis; Schwarzwald & Rock; Watt Roop & Co. Public Relations; Continental Airlines; Sheraton Cleveland City Centre; Cleveland Marriott Hotel; Milano Monuments; Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company; Gallo Displays, Inc.; Vinyl Graphics; Okey Nestor; Alling and Cory; Perlmuter Printing Company; William R. Joseph; Kotecki Monuments, Inc.; Mansour, Gavin, Gerlack & Manos Co., LPA; Committee for Public Art; Lakewood Public Library; Maria's Roman Room; the Cleveland Grays; and InteroTech, LLC.

For the 2014 rededication and refurbishment of the Memorial Fountain we are grateful for the exceptional generosity of Jack and Sherrie Kahl. We gratefully recognize the important donations from the Samuel H. and Maria Miller Foundation; and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 249. And, of course, many smaller dollar contributions by those sponsoring names on the “living memorial” for which we offer thanks.

Special recognition is given to Eagle Scout Michael Boazzo, a 2014 graduate of St. Ignatius, who organized a team of volunteers, including his mother, Sally, to research many of the Greater Cleveland casualties of World War II. The excellent work of Michael and his volunteers was highly productive and constituted a great service to the Honor Roll.

We extend GCVM’s gratitude to InteroTech, LLC for the 2003 initial launch of our website, the 2014 redesign, and for their continuing support of our mission. We acknowledge the ongoing service of Milano Monuments in the placement of bronze plaques and refurbishment of the Memorial Fountain in both 2004 and 2014.   |   © 2014 The Greater Cleveland Veterans Memorial, Inc.
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